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China's Cloud Computing Market: Taking Off in 2012

Chinese Version Report Link       Finished:2010-06-01      Product ID:E435


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China’s cloud computing market was launched in 2009. Some large enterprises such as SinoChem ERP and China Mobile have already built up their private clouds for internal use.

The Chinese government has played an important role in developing the cloud computing ecosystem. Many local governments also invested in building cloud computing platforms in 2009.

Cloud computing is the key technology to realize China’s “Internet of Things” goal and will help it reduce carbon output in the future.

In-Stat believes a boom in the cloud computing market is only a matter of time; however, there are barriers like low user acceptance of SaaS and Telecom operators’ reluctance in upgrading IDC to IaaS, which will delay fast growth in China’s cloud computing market for 3 years.

The report outlines China’s cloud computing market status, value chain, and ecosystems in detail, gives solid analysis on demands toward cloud computing from the government, telecom operators, Internet companies, as well as enterprise and private users. This report has also offered in-depth analysis on the drivers and barriers for the public cloud (including IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) and private cloud markets in China, and provides a forecast on China’s cloud computing service revenue over the next 5 years.

Table of Contents

  • Definitions
  • Classifications
  • Executive Summary
  • Market Overview

    • Introduction to Cloud Computing

      • Private Cloud
      • SaaS
      • IaaS

    • Value Chain Analysis
    • Ecosystem

  • Market Trend Analysis

    • Market Drivers
    • Market Barriers

      • Development of SaaS Cloud Will Take Time
      • IaaS Market Will Need Three Years to Take-Off
      • High Barriers to Entry Slows PaaS Market
      • Long Decision Cycle Slows Private Cloud Market

  • Market Forecasts, 2010–2014

    • SaaS Revenue Forecast
    • IaaS Revenue Forecast

List of Figures

  • Slide 7. SaaS Cloud Service Revenue in China, 2009– 2014
  • Slide 7. IaaS Cloud Service Revenue in China, 2009– 2014
  • Slide 19. Survey Conducted with SMEs in Hunan Province, China
  • Slide 28. SaaS Cloud Service Revenue in China, 2009–201
  • Slide 29. IaaS Cloud Service Revenue in China, 2009–2014


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